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Tips for Lawn Irrigation

Impact sprinkler helping the spring lawn develop

Start the season off right with irrigation tips that will keep your lawn in good shape all summer long. For Royal Lawn Care clients, cutting season is now in full swing, the second fertilizer application is down, clients with our weed package have been serviced and spring cleanups are in the works.  Royal Lawn Care… Read more »

Lawn Care and Curb Appeal

Yard lawnscape with mulch and plants

Now is the time to get your fertilizer, weed, and irrigation packages in place for the 2022 season. In just a few weeks, the soil temperatures will start to rise and lawns will start to come out of dormancy. Clients with our fertilizer packages will notice that their lawns will come out and green up… Read more »

How to Ensure a Great Lawn in 2022

Hardscaping in progress

Even in the cold winter months, yard maintenance never ends! The winter is a great time to plan for your yard clean-ups, which include leaf removal and mulching. Be sure to think about irrigation shutdowns as well. Now is also the best time with the best rates to get your paver and stonework completed.  Keep… Read more »

Royal Lawn Care Top Services

Lawn Care

Are you looking for a lawn care company you can trust? Royal Lawn Care has been offering top-tier services for the past 18 years and isn’t slowing down anytime soon! Whether you’re in need of residential, or commercial property landscaping, we’ve got you covered. Our Royal Lawn Care team is dependable and services towns all… Read more »

End of Summer Landscaping

Summer lawn

With this intense heat, we’re ready for the temperature to cool down and your lawn sure is too! Royal Lawn Care is ready to help prepare your yard for the cooler months with a list of things to plan for this September. Aeration, top dressing, and overseeding are some of the important lawn restorations to… Read more »

Lawn Care During a Drought

It’s the peak of summertime and these hot months can often come with a lack of rain. In these weather conditions, it’s important to know the proper way to maintain your lawn. Lucky for you, at Royal Lawn Care, we’re here to guide you through lawn care during a drought.  Don’t let all your yard… Read more »

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