A person on a sit down lawnmower cutting grass
Lawn Cutting & Maintenance

Ensuring that your lawn is cut to the proper height, we offer multiple mowers to suit every property’s needs. Lawn cutting services include two package options: weekly and as needed.

A bucket of mulch in the middle of a yard with green plants

Mulching your lawn not only adds curb appeal to your property, but it also maintains the health of the soil, adding organic micronutrients in the soil and protects your plants. With four available colors to choose from (hardwood, red, black and brown) we are sure that we will have the perfect fit for your lawn. Mulching services include hard edging and a pre-emergent to deter weed growth. Only the finest treated triple shredded mulch will do.

A person spraying weedkiller on grass and mulch
Weed Control Service

Before the weeds take over your lawn this season, allow Royal Lawn Care to provide you with a free estimate of services. Our certified technician will visit your property every three weeks to spray weeds growing on your property with the exception of driveway, flower bed and sidewalk maintenance. This package is offered from April through October and includes approximately 10 treatments.

A hand holding fertilizer above a mulched yard
Lawn Fertilization Packages

Each lawn is different and we offer multiple packages to suit your needs. At Royal Lawn Care, we use nationally recognized brands to supply fertilization products for the health of your lawn.

Unrolling some new sod onto a yard
Lawn Restoration

Lawn Restoration all begins with a soil test to determine the soil’s needs for restoration. This service could include, but is not limited to, aeration, seeding, lime application, and more. We offer many types of seed depending on the amount of sun and shade, in addition to the level of water resistance and drought resistance on your property.

A man pruning a hedge with a chainsaw
Additional Services

Power Washing your property not only increases the property value, it is also considered preventative maintenance. Gutter Cleaning can prevent a leaky roof and damage to the interior and exterior of your home. Allow us to help you protect the roof, walls, foundation and landscaping on your property. Irrigation Maintenance is necessary on an annual basis in order to prevent damage to your sprinkler system. Royal Lawn Care will pressurize the main line, test the cross connection assembly and run the entire system one zone at a time to test for leaks and accurate spray patterns. This service also includes the cleaning of clogged nozzles and sprinkler heads.

Bricks being laid down on a path

Royal Lawn Care uses industry leader ZP Henry products to create paver patios, walkways, driveways and more. The Royal Lawn Care paver systems are pieced together with more than the minimum base required, resulting in a more permanent paver.

Leaves and dead branches being collected in a wheelbarrow
Spring & Fall Clean-Ups

This is a full service package that includes clearing your lawn of branches, sticks and leaves. We will also trim and edge your lawn, in addition to mulching flower beds. We don’t stop there! We will also give your trees a proper pruning to benefit the growth of the trees. This is an essential service providing curb appeal to your property through the Spring, Sumer and Holiday season.

A bulldozer pushing and shoveling snow off of a pathway
Snow Removal

Snow Removal is essential to keep your business running through the winter months. This service includes thorough removal of snow to provide your customers with adequate parking options, in addition to a de-icer application for the pavement to prevent slippage.

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