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Chuck Melson is awesome!  It’s because of the great jobs currently & in the past, I’ll be using RLC for my summer lawn services as well. Merry Christmas to all and keep up the great work!

We were satisfied with the services and outdoor projects Royal Lawn Care took care of this season. From rip rap repair & replacement to lawn cutting and trimming all of the technicians were responsible, poltie and knowledgeable. We look forward to getting estimates on other projects we will do this winter/spring!

I requested overgrowth be cut down. When I came home from work, I could immediately see what a fantastic job had been done. The provider does regular lawn care on my front lawn and small part on the back. There is a larger portion beyond my driveway (approx. an acre and a third) that does not get regular care. I requested that provider trim that portion back at least to a manageable height, but they went way beyond and cleared it all out.

Very responsive and professional.

Great Service!

Although I have never used this company, as I live in the Annapolis area, I wanted to write a review based on a recent minor incident I had involving one of their trucks. A small rock from one of their work vehicles had come up and struck my windshield, slightly cracking it. I contacted the company to let them know what had happened, and they were 100% professional and classy about handling the repairs, making sure in every way that my vehicle was fixed. Although it has nothing to do with lawn care, the swift and honest manner in which they handled this matter indicates the type of people that run this company and knowing that, I also know that they are likely a great company in every fashion. Thank You!!

Very accommodating, professional and friendly…great job and wonderful customer service. Very positive experience – highly recommended!

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