Landscaping for Better Drainage

Lawn with hardscaping and shells

Fierce summer storms can take a toll on your yard and pose problems for drainage on your property. No one wants to see their precious dollars washing away during a storm, nor do they want to see their yard full of standing water. Royal Lawn Care has ideas and local guidance for homeowners interested in landscaping for better drainage in the Delmarva area. 

How Plants Can Help You Manage Sitting Water

Shrubs, bushes, and trees can absorb more water than grass alone and have deeper root systems that will help hold soil in place and prevent runoff. But it’s not always as easy as just planting more bushes! Let our team analyze your existing plants, grass, and soil to see what’s working and what’s not. Royal Lawn Care offers lawn restoration services to help determine what nutrients your yard may need to have healthy grass and plants that will take in more water. 

The team at Royal Lawn Care can help you make a landscaping plan that will aid your yard’s drainage process. From creating channels around hardscaping or beds, to clearing ditches of debris during spring and fall clean-ups, our team can give recommendations to direct the flow of water around your home. 

Royal Lawn Care can install permeable paving for hardscaping projects, which allows water to run around and through the stones to increase drainage. Retaining walls can also create a terrace-effect on slopes that can help control the flow of water and prevent erosion.  

Even a simple installation of mulch around your home and garden beds can help retain moisture, keeping the soil healthy and reducing runoff. Mulch is a perfect summer addition to your lawn, as it protects plants and soil during extreme heat and retains moisture during dry spells. 

Maintaining the health of your soil and grass can help improve drainage, too. Strong, healthy grass with ample roots is better than a lawn full of shallow-rooted weeds. Choose from Royal Lawn Care’s fertilization packages or weed control packages to ensure your lawn has the energy and nutrients to grow healthily. 

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