Full-Service Lawn Care in DE & MD

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If you’re looking for a full-service lawn care company in Delaware and on Maryland’s eastern shore, Royal Lawn Care has everything you’re looking for. Spend your time enjoying the warm weather this spring and summer—don’t let yard work take up your time! 

Whether you’re looking for individual lawn services to maintain your yard or all-inclusive packages, our team has got it all. Call us at 302-436-9800 to sign up for what you need!

Royal Lawn Care Services & Packages


  • Lawn Restoration: Do you think your grass and soil need restoration? RLC can test your soil and see what is needed for repair. These services can include aeration, seeding, and more. 
  • Lawn Cutting & Maintenance: Keep your lawn cut at the proper height all year long with Royal Lawn Care. Our mowing crews are diligent in servicing our clients weekly or as needed for the best-kept grass. The mowing height is typically 3.5” to 4” tall.  
  • Tree Trimming: Keep your trees and shrubs trimmed for a clean look. Let us take care of low-hanging branches and overgrown bushes for complete yard maintenance. We also offer stump grinding to get rid of unsightly stumps left over in your yard.
  • Mulching: Maintain the health of your soil and add to the overall appearance of your yard. Mulching looks great and provides the essential nutrients for your grass and plants to thrive in the spring.
  • Hardscaping: Interested in hardscaping for your yard? Our RLC team uses industry-leader products for beautiful stone patios, walkways, driveways, and more. 


  • Weed Packages: Keep weeds at bay while you’re out enjoying the warm weather. Our weed packages ensure that an RLC technician will visit your property approximately every two weeks to tackle weeds on your driveway, flower beds, sidewalks, and more. 
  • Fertilizer Packages:
    • Lawn Fertilization: Enhance your lawn’s health & appearance with fertilizer providing your grass with all the nutrients it needs. 
    • Bush & Tree Fertilization: Take care of your bushes and trees too! We offer fertilizer packages for additional plants on your property to care for your yard as a whole.
  • Irrigation Packages: Get set up with our irrigation services to keep your lawn prepared for the hot summer days. Irrigation includes keeping your soil watered properly with 2 deep water cycles a week, letting the soil absorb what it needs and compensate for the hot sun.
  • All-Inclusive Packages: Get everything you need with our all-inclusive lawn care packages. Talk to our team today and see what your yard needs for a successful spring, summer, and fall!

Whether you’re looking to maintain your primary or secondary residence, let Royal Lawn Care take the hard work off your back. Contact us today!

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