4 Reasons to Prune Trees & Shrubs

Worker bush pruning

Pruning trees and shrubs can make a big difference in the appearance and health of your landscape. Many yards across the Delmarva area are full of healthy plant life including trees, bushes, and shrubs. Although they may be healthy and strong, that doesn’t mean that no maintenance is needed! Pruning removes dead branches and helps to promote healthy plant growth.

At Royal Lawn Care, we know the importance of pruning trees and shrubs. Our team is here to help make sure that your landscape is kept in the best shape possible!

1. Plant Damage & Disease Prevention

Pruning dead or dying parts off of the tree or shrub can help treat an existing disease and stop it from spreading. Damage can happen from insects, storms, animals, or other environmental factors. To keep the plant healthy, any branch stubs or branches that rub together should also be removed.

2. Plant Health & Growth

Even if the tree or shrub is not sick, there may still be dead branches or damage that needs to be removed in order for the plant to keep growing. Plants that are routinely pruned will live longer and with fewer issues than those that are ignored.

3. Safety Hazards

There are many instances where branches need to be pruned and removed. Whether it’s a heavy tree branch hanging over your roof or bushes tangling up the walkway, pruning can be a quick fix without having to remove the whole thing. For branches in hazardous locations, always contact local experts for guidance. 

4. Plant Appearance

You want to keep your landscape looking clean and healthy and Royal Lawn Care is here to do just that! Control the plant size to fit your yard perfectly and keep your trees and bushes luscious. 

While pruning is important, overdoing it can cause a variety of issues as well. Trust Royal Lawn Care and our team of experts to know when and where a tree or bush needs to be pruned. Contact us today to get your yard in perfect shape with spring and fall cleanups!

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