Why You Should Fertilize Your Lawn Every Year

Putting fertilizer over grass and plants

With the spring and summer seasons creeping up on us, it’s time to start thinking about your lawn care. Are you debating whether you should fertilize your lawn this year? The answer is, yes. At Royal Lawn Care, our lawn fertilization packages are here to help take care of your yard and not take up your free time. Check out these important reasons why your lawn needs to be fertilized and contact us for our services today!

4 Reasons to Fertilize Your Lawn

1. Your Lawn Needs the Proper Nutrients

Most people already know that sunlight and water are important for your grass to grow, but so are the right nutrients. To have a healthy lawn, high soil quality is essential. The existing soil begins to lose nutrients over time, which is where fertilizer helps to add them back in. These nutrients are much more likely to withstand depletion from rain or storms. 

2. Faster Growth

Fertilizer can actually make your grass grow faster and thicker! If you want to see improvement and results in your lawn, you can’t rely on the soil alone. Plus, often times these nutrients are uneven in the soil which can cause uneven growth without fertilizer. 

3. Better Resistance to Disease & Pests

While your grass begins to grow lush and thick from the fertilizer, it can also become much more resistant to disease and pests. The right nutrients give your lawn the strength it needs to fend off sickness and the thicker your grass grows, the harder it is for pests to make a home.

4. Royal Lawn Care Makes It Easy

Royal Lawn Care makes fertilizing your lawn easy—you don’t have to do it yourself! We offer lawn fertilization packages that take place throughout the year when your grass needs tending. There’s no need to worry because our RLC team will stay on top of it. 

Call us today at 302-436-9800 to sign up for the packages your lawn needs before we dive deep into the spring and summer seasons. Royal Lawn Care is here to give you the best lawn in the neighborhood, guaranteed!

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