Why Weeding Your Lawn is Important

weed wacker on tall weeds

Spring is approaching and Royal Lawn Care is gearing up for our regular packages like weed control. If you’re considering signing up and have questions like why weeding your lawn is important, we’re here to answer! 

Don’t spend your time breaking your back to get those pesky weeds out of your garden, but don’t leave them there either. Our team at RLC is equipped and ready to help you have the best lawn in the neighborhood with professional weed control.

5 Reasons to Pull Weeds

1. Weeds Take Nutrients From Your Plants

Are you having to fertilize your lawn and garden more often than usual? Weeds will eat the rich nutrients in the soil making it harder for your grass to thrive. 

2. Weeds Crowd Your Plants

Even if the weeds look small on the surface, the root system grows deeper throughout the soil, crowding your plants and grass from having room to grow. The healthy roots can get stressed out and restrain the plant above ground, letting the weeds take over more easily.

3. Weeds Take Sunlight & Water

Weeds take the nutrients out of the soil but they also block sunlight from your plants and steal the water intended for them. When your weeds start growing faster than your grass and plants, the harder it is to fight against the weeds.

4. Weeds Can Hide Sickness & Pests

The more weeds you have crowding your landscape, the easier it can be for pests and diseases to hide from sight. Keeping them cut down and removed keeps your lawn healthier and not as susceptible to pests. 

5. Give a Weed an Inch and It Will Take a Yard

Weeds can grow much faster than grass and other plants in your yard. Plus, the average amount of seeds that your weeds can produce and spread is much higher than the plants you want in your yard. For example, each dandelion flower can produce up to 200 more dandelions. 

Stop the weeds while you can and keep them maintained. With Royal Lawn Care’s weed control packages, a certified technician will visit your property every three weeks and take care of any pesky weeds that have shown up. Let us do the yard work so you can enjoy your lawn!

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