Top 3 Reasons to Fertilize Your Lawn

man fertilizing grass

Start your new year off on the right foot and set your lawn up for success with the lawn care experts at Royal Lawn Care! Lawn fertilizer treatments start in March, which means that now is the perfect time to sign up and get on the schedule for our fertilizer packages!

At Royal Lawn Care, we understand that different lawns have different needs. This is why none of our fertilizer packages are “one-size-fits-all”. Each package is completely customized for your property, no matter how large, or small.

You may be wondering, “why exactly do I need a fertilizer package?”. Allow Royal Lawn Care to walk you through the top three reasons to invest in a fertilization package this season.

  1. Important Nutrients: Using a lawn fertilizer is the best way to achieve the high-quality soil that you need for a healthy lawn. Over time, your soil will naturally lose many of the important nutrients that it needs. If you want a lush lawn, you need to replace those nutrients with fertilizer.
  1. The Green Solution: When you take care of your lawn by using lawn fertilizers, you’re taking care of the environment, too! With natural chemicals and vitamins, lawn fertilizer is a solution that you can feel good about.
  1. Your Plants will Grow Did you know that fertilizer will actually help your grass grow faster? While you can’t rely solely on your soil for great, healthy plant life, you will get better results by using fertilizer treatments.

As you can see, fertilizer is an essential part of your lawn’s diet! Level up your curb appeal with our fertilizer packages, fully customized for your property for a healthy, happy lawn.

Royal Lawn Care Fertilization Treatments

At Royal Lawn Care, our fertilization treatments begin in March 2021. We will focus on food for your lawn, and crabgrass control. This will be followed by food, broadleaf control, and pre-emergent in April and June, with a final weatherization in November. Grub control treatments and added broadleaf treatments are offered for clients that have a need for them along with fungicide treatments.

Contact our office today and schedule your lawn care meeting with a Royal Lawn Care representative to discuss the individual needs of your lawn. Get your lawn in the best shape of the season, today! Call 302-436-9800 to get started.

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