Summer Lawn Care Tips

Summer is finally here at Royal Lawn Care and we are in full operation! We know that you want the best lawn in the neighborhood, and we’re here to help. Check out the following tips from the lawn care experts at Royal Lawn Care to keep your lawn in its best shape all summer long!

Irrigation Tips

  1. In optimum conditions, a lawn should have two deep watering cycles a week each consisting of 1 ½ inch of water each time. The best time to apply water to your lawn is just before daybreak as this allows the water time to get down into the soil before the sun and heat starts to evaporate your irrigation water.
  2. Optimum conditions are a soil base with deep roots that drains slowly, unfortunately, everyone doesn’t have these conditions. Some properties have sod laid on top of fill dirt with very little topsoil or no topsoil at all. These properties need to be addressed much differently and require more frequent watering and feeding as there are no nutrients in the soil to feed the plant, and no root base to find the needed water the plant needs. Soils such as these can be addressed in the fall season by aeration, compost, and applying gypsum to address soil compaction.
  3. Fall is the best time to address soil conditions along with lawn restoration and overseeding!

Lawn Care Programs

Don’t want to waste time that could be spent at the beach by weeding your property? Weeds can be severely damaging to your lawn. They can cut off your plant’s food supply, take up the space that your plants need to grow, and can potentially have a negative impact on your health! Maintaining a green, healthy lawn can be challenging enough, take weeds out of the mix, and call Royal Lawn Care at 302-436-9800 for more information about our weed programs!

Now that you’ve taken care of your weed problem- let’s talk fertilization. There are several reasons why you need to fertilize your lawn. Over time, many lawns will leech nutrients out of their soil. Most of these nutrients are water-soluble, and over time, through rain, the water will carry the nutrients out of your lawn. At Royal Lawn Care, our fertilization treatments are already in full swing for the season with the third treatment applied in June. Call Royal Lawn Care today to learn more about why you need to fertilize your lawn and receive an estimate for the 2021 season.

Robotic Mowers

Who actually enjoys mowing their lawns? Royal Lawn Care has introduced a fleet of robotic mowers to better service our clients! These mowers are battery-powered and work much like an in-grown fence. A guide-wire is installed around the perimeter of the property, and the unit stays within the wired area and keeps the lawn manicured without any assistance from the homeowner.

Royal Lawn Care has installed many of these units and they have been met with happy customers and very little issues! Interested in seeing how one works? Visit the Model at Lighthouse Crossing off of Rt. 54 in Selbyville, Royal Lawn Care offers service agreements for these mowers for the same cost of your current lawn special!

Our team at Royal Lawn Care would like to extend a huge thank you for your continued support! Is your lawn summer-ready? Contact the experts at Royal Lawn Care to get your lawn in the best shape of the season, today!

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