The season is in full swing and at Royal Lawn Care we are fully operational! First, we would like to thank our valued clients for all of your continued support and hope that you are staying safe and healthy throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

At Royal Lawn Care, the safety of our clients and staff is of the utmost importance. Our team is following all of the recommended safety protocols, including:

  • Social distancing.
  • Providing sanitary products to employees.
  • Implementing one-man crews where feasible.
  • Staggering employee start times to prevent contamination, both within our company and to our clients.

Beginning towards the end of May, Royal Lawn Care will be turning on irrigation systems for our clients that have Irrigation Packages! Irrigation is the application of controlled amounts of water to plants at needed intervals. This can help to grow agricultural crops, maintain landscapes, and revegetate disturbed soils in dry areas during periods of less than average rainfall. Check out these irrigation tips by the experts at Royal Lawn Care.

Top 3 Irrigation Tips

  1. In optimum conditions, a lawn should have 2 deep watering cycles a week each consisting of 1½ inches of water each time. The best time to apply water to your lawn is just before daybreak as this allows the water time to get down into the soil before the sun/heat of the day starts the evaporation of your irrigation water.
  2. Most people overwater their lawns and plants which is not a good practice. The roots are getting all the water that they need from the top layer of soil when you water too much, you deter the roots of your plants from digging deep to find the water that they need. This, in turn, requires far more water from the irrigation systems.
  3. When you begin to see your lawn starting to stress from lack of water, it encourages the root system to go deeper to find water, this is not necessarily a bad thing! When you see this in an area of your lawn, don’t turn the timer for the whole system up, just the zone that is in distress. Once the proper times are set throughout the system, use the seasonal adjustment in your control box to bump the systems times up using the percentage dial in the seasonal adjustment option. This should be done throughout the season as the heat starts to rise.

Thank you for your continued support! Get ready for spring with our Robotic Lawn Mower. And contact the experts at Royal Lawn Care to get your lawn ready today!

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