Property Maintenance Checklist for 2023

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You may be wondering, what exactly does property maintenance entail? As we enter a new year, make it a goal to stay on top of your lawn care with our property maintenance checklist for 2023. The best part is, with Royal Lawn Care, you don’t have to lift a finger! 

Our team provides full-service property maintenance packages at reduced rates for services you need year-round. Each lawn gets customized treatment packages to see what fits your needs and will help maintain a healthy yard. Check out some of the services we offer that can be included in your package.

What Does Property Maintenance Include?

  • Lawn Mowing

One of the first steps to a healthy and clean lawn is lawn mowing. Save time, effort, and money by adding this to your Royal Lawn Care package. Our crew has the best equipment to make sure your grass is cut as often as it needs to be, whether weekly or on an as-needed schedule, and is always cut at just the right height. 

  • Fertilization

Fertilization gives your lawn the healthy nutrients it needs and is great for curb appeal! Our team will start fertilization efforts around March and carry on through the spring with the best plan for your grass. This can include crabgrass and grub control, as well as winterization in the later months of the year. We have many options for your lawn’s fertilization needs!

  • Mulching

Many clients opt in for mulching around their plants to protect them throughout the year and give them nutrient-rich soil to grow. We have several fine mulch options to choose from that will help your yard look stunning and last longer in between treatments. When you reach out about our mulching services to add to your property maintenance package, the Royal Lawn Care experts are able to include hard edging and a pre-emergent to deter weed growth!

  • Weed Control

Speaking of weed growth—don’t spend any time this year pulling weeds from your yard! Royal Lawn Care can provide regular weeding and preventative treatments. Whether those pesky weeds show up on your driveway, flower bed, patio, etc. our team can tackle it all. 

  • Spring & Fall Clean-Ups

We know that your lawn can become much more unruly and tedious to deal with in the spring and fall. That’s why we offer spring and fall clean-ups to take the load off your back (and your lawn!). We’ll give your trees proper pruning, and clear leaves, branches, and sticks from the yard—anything that needs to be tidied up for lawn health and appearance.

  • Aeration & Over Seeding

Soil aeration is important for water to get to the grass roots. This is typically done once the temperature starts to drop later in the year. Soil aerating relieves compaction and helps nutrients get deep into the soil. Then, overseeding can take place to freshen up the lawn and add new organic material. The healthy yard then has all it needs to stay strong through the season.

While these are only some of the many services we provide at Royal Lawn Care, start your property maintenance checklist and reach out for expert advice on what your lawn needs throughout the year. Contact us today!

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