Lawn Restorations

The temperatures are slowly beginning to drop, and the early glimpses of fall are here as September rolls in. The beginning days of chilly nights mean that the soil temperatures are beginning to decline. So what does this mean for your lawn? It’s time for lawn restorations, and September is the best month to start!

At Royal Lawn Care, lawn restorations mean aeration, topdressing, overseeding, and lawn overhauls! What does this entail? Allow the experts at Royal Lawn Care to walk you through how to prepare your lawn for the coming season.


Aeration involves perforating the soil with small holes to allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the grassroots. This helps the roots grow deeply and produce a stronger, more vigorous lawn. The main reason for aerating is to alleviate soil compaction. Compacted soils have too many solid particles in a certain volume or space, which prevents proper circulation of air, water, and nutrients within the soil.

Should you be aerating your lawn?

  1. Does your lawn get heavy use? Such as serving as the neighborhood (or your own personal) playground, or racetrack?
  2. Was your lawn established as part of a newly constructed home?
  3. Does your lawn dry out easily, and has a “spongy” feel?
  4. Was your lawn established by sod, and soil layering?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then your lawn is probably a good candidate for aeration!

Top Dressing

Top Dressing involves spreading a special blend of soil/compost on a yard which adds organic matter back into your lawn. It will reintroduce microorganisms back into the soil. Top Dressing combined with core aeration accelerates new organic material and nutrients deeper into the soil.

Topdressing regularly can smooth out bumps caused by worm castings and encourages a dense, lush lawn. Topdressing reduces lawn stresses, helps keep thatch under control, and acts as a long-term natural fertilizer.1 Adding organic matter to a lawn by topdressing with compost is arguably the most beneficial cultural practice that the science of lawn care has to offer.

Over Seeding

Is your lawn looking weak and thin? Overseeding can help you get back to the thick, lush, green lawn you’ve always wanted. By spreading grass seed over your existing lawn, you can thicken up the thin areas, and your lawn will start to look terrific again.

In the North, the best time to overseed your lawn is in the fall, when the soil is still warm but the air is cooler, and there are fewer weeds for new grass to compete against. Since your trees are starting to shed their leaves, there’s plenty of sunlight.

Save Big with Royal Lawn Care

Ready to get your lawn in perfect shape this fall? Save big on all-inclusive packages with Royal Lawn Care! Our all-inclusive packages allow our clients to have a worry-free experience in regard to their properties’ needs.

Pick any of the numerous services offered by Royal Lawn Care, and have them scheduled throughout the season. This eliminates the need to call the office to have each service scheduled separately, or forgetting a core element to your lawn-care regime. Your property will be put on a regular schedule and services completed for the season at the proper times!

Services Include; Mowing, irrigation, fertilizer packages, weed packages, mulching, bush trimming and fertilizer, tree pruning, power washing, and more!

Our team at Royal Lawn Care would like to extend a huge thank you for your continued support! Is your lawn ready for fall? Contact the experts at Royal Lawn Care to get your lawn in the best shape of the season, today!

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