Lawn Care Tips for the Heat

The weather on the Eastern Shore is getting back to normal, and at Royal Lawn Care we’re here to keep your lawns in tip-top shape! During the last two seasons, the Eastern Shore has seen above-normal rainfall in July and August. This year, we’re back to bringing the heat with high heat and drought conditions once again.

As the temperatures rise, your lawncare may need some adjustments. For example, your lawn may need some more irrigation time added to your controller. Now is a great time to take advantage of seasonal control within your control box, by increasing the seasonal percentages. This will add time to each zone without having to adjust each one separately. Click here to find more irrigation tips!

Another great tip to take control of your lawn in the heat? Manicure your lawn to a height of 3.5 inches (or more) to help prevent weeds, and promote a healthier and deeper root system. This practice shades the soil and keeps the weed seed from reaching the soil, thereby keeping the weed seeds from germination. This practice also promotes a thicker, and overall healthier lawn!

Lawn restorations will begin in September, so now is the time to get on schedule for aeration, over-seeding, topdressing, and more! Call (302) 436-9800 for a free quote, and to get started on your lawncare regimen!

Robotic Mowers

Have you heard of robotic mowers? At Royal Lawn Care, we have been installing this innovative technology to better serve our clients with amazing results! How can robotic mowers benefit your lawn? Consider these top advantages of going robotic!

  1. Your lawn will look freshly cut all the time.
  2. Robotic lawn mowers are designed to mow frequently, even every day if desired. This maintains the height of the grass over time, so your lawn will constantly look freshly cut.
  3. Robotic lawnmowers are much more environmentally friendly and will help you limit the effect on the environment.

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Looking for more help with your lawn? Royal Lawn Care is a full-service lawn care service that can assist you with the following (and more!): Mulch, trimming, stone installation (driveways/beds), pavers, power washing, gutter cleaning, weed control programs, aeration, overseeding, topdressing – including compost, and more!

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