Lawn Care on Maryland’s Eastern Shore


Lawn Care on Maryland’s Eastern Shore

Looking for the best lawn care on Maryland’s Eastern Shore? You’re in luck with Royal Lawn Care! The season is in full swing, and this month our team is busy getting lawns in tip-top shape with mowing, fertilizing, and irrigating local lawns.

Do you want a perfect lawn 24/7? Royal Lawn Care presents Husqvarna’s top technology in lawn care maintenance: The Auto Mower! The Auto Mower has been breaking ground, keeping lawns lush and healthy for over two decades in Europe, and is now available for your property right here on the Delaware and Maryland Eastern Shore!

What exactly is an auto (or robotic) lawnmower? Check out the top advantages of investing in this top technology!

Top 3 Advantages of Robot Lawn Mowers

  1. Freshly Cut Lawn 24/7: Your lawn will look freshly cut all the time. Robot lawn mowers are designed to mow frequently, even every day if desired. This maintains the height of the grass over time, so your lawn will constantly look freshly cut.
  2. Mulch While You Mow: Robot lawnmowers are mulching mowers, which means that they cut the clippings into very small pieces and return them to the lawn to provide nutrients for the growing grass. The bonus of this is that there are no cuttings to deal with!
  3. Environmentally Friendly: Robot lawnmowers are much more environmentally friendly, and will help you limit your home’s input on the environment.

Not sure if a robotic or auto lawnmower is right for your property? Contact our office, today! Our team is also readily available to go the more traditional route of cutting your lawn when you’re ready!

Reminder to All Clients

The first round of treatments for our Fertilizer & Weed Control Packages is now complete and our second round is scheduled for the first few weeks of April! However, please note that it’s not too late to get on the list for either of these packages and get your lawn ready for the season!

Ready to get started? Contact our office today and schedule your lawn care meeting with a Royal Lawn Care representative, and discuss the individual needs of your lawn. Get your lawn in the best shape for 2021, today! Call 302-436-9800 to get started.

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