Lawn Care During a Drought

It’s the peak of summertime and these hot months can often come with a lack of rain. In these weather conditions, it’s important to know the proper way to maintain your lawn. Lucky for you, at Royal Lawn Care, we’re here to guide you through lawn care during a drought. 

Don’t let all your yard work in the spring go to waste as soon as the summer hits! A drought might seem discouraging, but your grass can make it through with the right techniques and maintenance. 

Drought Management for Lawns

Increased Irrigation: In drought conditions, your lawn may require more irrigation time. Remember to take advantage of the seasonal controls within your control box! By increasing the seasonal percentages in your control, you will add time to each zone without having to adjust each zone separately.

Mowing Height: A cutting height of 3.5 inches is ideal in the heat for a couple of reasons. First, mowing higher gives the lawn a deeper and larger root system to keep the moisture in. Secondly, the mowing height will help prevent weeds by shading the soil and keeping the weed seed from reaching it. With fewer weeds, the grass has a better chance to grow.

Limit Stress on the Lawn: Droughts can cause lots of stress on the grass and soil. Putting lawn projects on hold will benefit the struggling grass in the long run. Wait until September for the Royal Lawn Care lawn restorations, and cooler temperatures that will help your lawn grow. Contact us now to make sure you’re on schedule for aeration, overseeding, topdressing, and more!

Trust Royal Lawn Care with all of your property needs! Our team of experts is here year-round to help you have the healthiest, best-looking yard possible. From lawn cutting and maintenance to prepping for fall services, don’t wait, request a free quote, or call our office today at 302-436-9800. 

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