Lawn Care Drought Tips

Dew on grass

On the Eastern Shore, we don’t always experience perfect weather during the summers. This year especially, the heat has been causing drought conditions. Staying informed about how to care for your lawn during this time is important for it to recover in other seasons. Royal Lawn Care and our team of experts are here to help! Check out our lawn care drought tips for the best things to do when the summer heat is blazing.

Summer Lawn Care on the Eastern Shore

Avoid Stress on the Lawn

One of the first and most important steps in caring for your lawn during a drought is to not stress the grass out more than it already is. Hold off on projects like aerating, planting, fertilizing, removing grass, etc. until the fall and more stable weather conditions. 

Change Watering Habits

During a drought, you should water deeply but infrequently. You may be tempted to water more during the heat, but fewer waterings will actually help the lawn adapt and cope with the dry conditions. Watering deeply will help the lawn retain moisture for longer. Watering early in the morning is the most beneficial to the lawn because the water will get a chance to sink in because the heat increases evaporation. 

Adjust Mowing Height 

Your mowing height should be set to 3.5 inches or more. Mowing high gives your grass a better chance to grow and keeps the lawn roots deeper to reach moisture. Mowing too short during a drought can stress out the lawn and leave it unable to bounce back to health in cooler conditions. 

Prevent Weeds

Weeds will compete for essential nutrients and moisture making it harder for your grass to grow. The more you can limit weeds the better off your lawn will be in the long run. Mowing high can also help defend against weeds.

Have more questions about how to take care of your lawn during a drought? Contact our team at Royal Lawn Care and check out our blog for more tips!

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