Lawn Care and Curb Appeal

Yard lawnscape with mulch and plants

Now is the time to get your fertilizer, weed, and irrigation packages in place for the 2022 season. In just a few weeks, the soil temperatures will start to rise and lawns will start to come out of dormancy. Clients with our fertilizer packages will notice that their lawns will come out and green up more evenly than non fertilized lawns. This is because fertilized lawns have been storing all the nutrients and carbohydrates over the winter dormancy period, giving them what they need to thrive when the soil temperatures activate the growing season. Royal Lawn Care also offers custom fertilizer packages to service your property needs, not only for your lawn but for your plantings as well!

Weed control packages

Royal Lawn Care offers weed control packages. Tired of Pulling Weeds? No worries! With our weed control package, a certified technician will visit your property approximately every 3 weeks and spray any weed on the property with the exception of the lawn. We will care for beds, stone driveways, walkway and patio cracks, front sidewalks, cracks in curbing, etc. This service starts at the end of March and runs into November and includes approximately 14 visits. This service is especially attractive to our second homeowners who don’t want to spend the time pulling weeds when visiting their summer property and allows them to spend their time enjoying the beach life in our area.

Upcoming Services:

Royal Lawn Care will start the spring cleanups with mulching for our Commercial Properties in February and Residential Properties in March. Spring clean-ups for our non-commercial properties can be scheduled by calling our office.  Irrigation start-ups will be done in April/May.

The Royal Lawn Care team is always here to help! Contact us today to set up your spring services! Feel free to call our office at 302-436-9800.

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