How to Maintain Your Lawn During Summer

Perfect lawn with sunshine

The heat is here to stay and now is the best time to be thinking about how to maintain your lawn this summer. At Royal Lawn Care, we are well versed in handling the heat stress that your lawn can experience, and are here to help!

Want your yard to be the talk of the neighborhood? Check out these tips from our lawn care experts to keep your lawn cool and healthy as the temperature rises!

3 Tips for Summer Lawn Care

Mowing Technique

Mowing your lawn is simple right? Get out there, get it done before it rains or the heat gets to you– we get it! What you might not realize is that during the hot months of the year, mowing at a higher height will help with the heat stress. Mowing higher shades the ground and keeps the heat away from the root base.

*Pro Tip: This also helps with weed control because the seed blowing in has less chance of making contact with the soil. For more weed control, check out our packages!

Irrigation Program

Creating an irrigation routine specifically for your soil will make a huge impact on fighting the summer heat. Your new lawn with a shallow root base can benefit greatly from a light watering around three in the afternoon to relieve the heat stress.

Robotic Mowers

Sometimes, you just can’t stand the thought of going out in the heat and mowing your lawn. Well, lucky for you, Royal Lawn Care has introduced robotic mowers to our fleet to better serve our clients. The mowers are battery-powered, safe, efficient, and result in a much healthier lawn that’s always at a perfect length!

Royal Lawn Care is here for your property needs! From lawn fertilization, to weed control, mulching, and so much more, our team of experts is here all summer long to help you have the healthiest, and best-looking lawn possible.

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