Some Helpful Tips for the Fall Season

fall lawn

Fall is the time of year to address your lawn’s soil health for next year’s growing season. Soil tends to get acidic over time & a soil test would give you this information. The results of the soil test would determine if & what you would need to do to bring the soil to healthy levels for the next growing season.

The Fall Fertilization Application is one of the most important parts of making your lawn the most it can be. This application helps the plant/grass store carbohydrates and other nutrients over the winter and helps with the overall health of the lawn when coming out of dormancy in the spring – thus making the lawn grow more evenly with a quicker green up.

Aeration is another important aspect of your lawn’s health and is best done in the Fall Season or the Spring as the alternative. Aeration is a process of pulling soil plugs from the lawn thereby letting the oxygen into the soil and roots making them healthier and promoting a thicker and fuller lawn for the upcoming season.

Another important service for your yard is Over Seeding & Composting. They should be ideally done in the Fall as well. This gives the seed some early growing time and the root depth will be better to withstand next year’s summer heat and will not be affected by the Pre-Emergence applied in the spring.

Conclusion: Address your lawn in the Fall for the next growing season.

  • Soil Test & Analysis
  • Fertilization
  • Aeration
  • Over Seeding
  • Composting

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