Fertilization and Weed Control

March is the month to start thinking about fertilization and weed care packages! At Royal Lawn Care we’re rolling out Spring lawn care packages and ready to get your lawn ready for the sunshine ahead.

How can you keep your lawn healthy and weed-free? With the Royal Lawn Care weed control package, a certified technician will visit your property every three weeks to spray any weekends on the property (with the exception of your lawn). This includes weed control for your flower beds, stone driveways, cracks in the walkways, patios, front sidewalks, cracks in the curb, and more!

Weed control services begin at the end of March and run through November. Visiting your lawn up to thirteen times throughout the season. This service is especially practical for second homeowners who don’t want to spend their time visiting their summer property pulling weeds and otherwise keeping up with the landscaping.

Already signed up for a weed control package and looking for more ways to keep your lawn looking good all season? It’s time to fertilize! Royal Lawn Care customers who are already on a fertilization package will see that their lawns are sprouting up more evenly than non-fertilized lawns. Why? Because fertilized lawns have been storing up all of the nutrients and carbohydrates over the winter dormancy period! This gives the lawn exactly what it needs to thrive when the soil temperatures activate the growing season.

Spring Lawn Clean Ups

Get your lawn in tip-top shape for some outdoor fun with spring clean-ups and mulching! When you sign up for a spring clean-up, the experts at Royal Lawn Care will take full-service care of your property. This includes clearing your lawn of branches, sticks, and leaves. We’ll also trim and edge out your lawn, and mulch your flower beds. Have trees that need pruning? Our team takes care of that, too!

Looking ahead? Don’t forget that mowing services will be monitored to start at the end of March or the beginning of April, depending on weather and when lawns need servicing.

Schedule Your Lawn Maintenance Today!

Due to the influx of spring clean-ups and mulching services that come in the spring months we are asking clients to call in and schedule these services now for the times they would like them serviced. By having your services scheduled now rather it be for March, April or May we can add them to our work schedule now to help relieve the wait time for our clients.

Contact our office today and schedule your lawn care meeting with a Royal Lawn Care representative to discuss the individual needs of your lawn. Get your lawn in the best shape for 2021, today! Call 302-436-9800 to get started.

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