Fall Lawn Clean-Up Guide

RLC worker mowing a lawn

Get ready for the ultimate fall lawn clean-up guide from Royal Lawn Care! It’s that time of year again and we’re ready to help you get your lawn in the best shape possible so it stays healthy through the winter. Put in the work now to see a luscious, green lawn later!

Don’t know where to start? Call Royal Lawn Care today and check out our expert tips for ways to give your yard the TLC it deserves. 

Fall Yardwork Tasks to Do Before Winter

  • Rake the Leaves

Fallen leaves that are left sitting in your yard can suffocate the grass and the piles make a perfect home for insects and pests. Bag up the raked leaves or rake them onto a tarp where they can be easily transported. If you shred them, the leaves make a great mulch to use for other plants!

  • Clean Up Debris

Debris does not just consist of leaves. Make sure you pick up any fallen branches and weeds that can also limit your grass’ growth. While you’re cleaning debris in the yard, it’s the perfect time to clean out your gutters that could be full of leaves and create a blockage. 

  • Prune or Remove

Give your larger plants a good look and see if they need to be tidied up. Remove any dead tree branches as well as any old vegetable plants, and flowers that didn’t make it through the season. This will help prep your soil for a new batch of plants next spring.

  • Adjust the Mower

There are still a couple more mows left in the season but in order to help your lawn stay strong, adjust the blades to 2.5 inches for the last cut. More sunlight will then be able to reach the grass and prevent excess moisture.

  • Fertilize the Lawn

Once you’re done with the cleanup, give your lawn nutrients for the greenest grass next season! The cooler temperatures and morning dew of fall are perfect conditions to fertilize your lawn.

Trust in Royal Lawn Care to give you the best yard on the block! Our team is ready for fall cleanups and provides the best service possible for all your lawn care needs. Contact us today and get set up with our property maintenance packages for the spring!

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