End of Summer Landscaping

Summer lawn

With this intense heat, we’re ready for the temperature to cool down and your lawn sure is too! Royal Lawn Care is ready to help prepare your yard for the cooler months with a list of things to plan for this September.

Aeration, top dressing, and overseeding are some of the important lawn restorations to schedule as the soil temperatures start to decline.

Soil Aeration

Aerating the soil alleviates compaction and helps to regulate the proper circulation of air, water, and nutrients back through the soil. Small holes are created in the soil to let these nutrients penetrate the grass roots, helping them grow stronger.

Top Dressing

Topdressing amends and modifies your lawn by adding organic matter and reintroducing microorganisms into the soil. Adding compost works well with aeration to relieve any compaction problems and help nutrients reach deeper areas of the lawn.


Overseeding is exactly as it sounds, planting more grass seed in the areas where the lawn is thinning. Especially in drought conditions, overseeding and adjusting irrigation schedules can bring your luscious, green lawn back.

Schedule your services now before spots fill up! Fall will be here before you know it and Royal Lawn Care can help your lawn make it through the cooler temperatures. We hope everyone is having a happy and healthy summer at the beach. Contact us today for any of our many services including mulching, trimming, weeding, small power washing jobs, and of course, lawn restoration.

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