Lawn Care Services In Lewes, Delaware

Royal Lawn Care is grateful to service lawn customers in Lewes, Delaware. In business for over 20 years, you can trust RLC with your property’s landscaping, hardscaping projects, and routine yard maintenance.

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Pyle Center Road | Frankford, DE 19945
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Lawn Cutting & Maintenance in Lewes, Delaware

Mowing the lawn and trimming lawn edges with a weedeater can take one person a whole day! Royal Lawn Care’s custom packages can save you time by allowing our team to handle lawn cutting and maintenance. RLC’s team can set up the regular visits and services your yard needs throughout the year.

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Mulching and Lawn Fertilization in Lewes, Delaware

Fertilizing your grass and mulching areas of your landscape freshens up the entire appearance of your lawn. RLC uses top-quality triple-shredded mulch that will also improve the health of surrounding soil and plants. Let RLC take fertilizing and mulching off your list and you’ll get to enjoy a clean, vibrant looking lawn all season long.

Weed Control Packages in Lewes, Delaware

Weeds can quickly take over a lawn! Let Royal Lawn Care spray common areas where weeds can noticeably spread, such as along your driveway, walking path, and near patios, decks, or flower beds.

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Lawn Restoration in Lewes, Delaware

Restore your lawn’s health with Royal Lawn Care. Starting with a soil test, our team can determine if your grass is in need of seeding, aeration, lime application, or another treatment. Our team of experts can advise you on the process and frequency of care to improve the health of your yard. 

Hardscaping in Lewes, Delaware

Adding stone paths, retaining walls, or patio spaces can enhance the visual appearance of your property and your ability to enjoy your outside space. Royal Lawn Care offers quality stone products to bring any hardscaping project to life. 


Spring & Fall Lawn Clean-ups in Lewes, Delaware

Spring and fall are some of the best times to be on the beach in Lewes, not cleaning up the yard! The Royal Lawn Care team is here to assist with the major yardwork your lawn needs. Whether your property in Lewes, Delaware is your primary residence or your vacation home, let RLC manage your seasonal clean-ups! 

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Schedule lawn maintenance for your Lewes, DE property now! Call us at 302-436-9800 or visit our services page for a list of lawn care options for your yard! 

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