Lawn Care in Dagsboro, DE

Royal Lawn Care is a full service landscaping and lawn care business that prides itself on customizing each individual project to the customer’s satisfaction. RLC works to ensure a stress-free experience for its lawn care clients in Dagsboro, Delaware. With a 20-year track record, RLC is the trusted partner for all your landscaping, hardscaping, and ongoing yard maintenance needs.

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Lawn Cutting & Maintenance in Dagsboro, Delaware

Do you ever want to press “set and forget” on your lawn? With Royal Lawn Care’s lawn cutting and maintenance packages, you can save time and have regular visits set up for you! Let RLC do the yard work this season. We will ensure that your lawn is cut to the proper height, by offering multiple mowers to suit every property’s needs and two package options for customers to choose from.

Clearing weeds from a sidewalk

Mulch & Fertilizer Services in Dagsboro, DE

Everyone loves the look of a freshly mulched garden bed surrounded by healthy green grass, but both fertilizing and mulching projects can require hours of back-breaking work. Let RLC handle the hard labor. We use only the best quality mulch, which adds micronutrients to improve the overall health of the grass and plants in your yard. RLC offers its Dagsboro, DE customers four mulch colors to choose from (hardwood, red, black, and brown) and can help you choose the best fit and mulching plan for your lawn.

A hand holding fertilizer above a mulched yard

Weed Control Packages in Dagsboro, Delaware

Keep your walking pathways, driveways, and flower beds looking clean and free of fast-growing weeds. The Royal Lawn Care team can spray areas where weeds are likely to grow, to help you manage and prevent problematic weed growth. One of RLC’s certified technicians will visit your Dagsboro, DE property every 2 1/2 weeks to spray areas with weeds, excluding any on the lawn. 

A person spraying weedkiller on grass and mulch

Hardscaping in Dagsboro, DE

Royal Lawn Care can help your patio dreams come true. We use quality stone products to build almost any hardscaping project you can imagine. RLC also uses more than the required base to make the hardscaping last longer. Consider adding stone paths, retaining walls, or patio spaces this summer. You will love how much more you will be able to enjoy spending time outside!

A stone path with landscaped shrubs to the left

Dagsboro, DE Spring & Fall Lawn Clean-Ups

In Dagsboro, DE, spring and fall can present some major yard cleanup projects. Let the Royal Lawn Care team do the heavy lifting to get your yard cleared of leaves, fallen branches, and brush before the start of the next season. We will also trim all trees on the property to give your lawn an improved curb appeal.

Leaves and dead branches being collected in a wheelbarrow

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Call us at 302-436-9800 now to schedule lawn care services for your home in Dagsboro, DE. For a full list of lawn care options, visit our services page. 


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